LECHON NOTICE : The best breed for lechon are native pigs grown in the Philippines. Although generally the pigs that we use pass through a stringent quality control process to best address the quality, the supply of pigs come from different areas in the Philippines and are grown by small farmers, the breed and the feed formulation used for the pig are not the same thus different body chemistry of the pigs can produce some discoloration, blisters, un-crispiness of skin spots and uneven skin can occur. Each Lechon ordered is unique and will vary occasionally.
We are the author of the development of the best breed for lechon. We have created a program called Pambansang Baboy Project (PBP) which is the development of native and hybrid pigs to produce the best breed for lechon (please check Aming Kuwento – Quality of Pigs @ elarzlechon.com for reference)

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