PAMBANSANG LECHON (ELARZ) is one of the best lechon producers in the Philippines. The brand choice of several institutions since 2005 to be included in their buffet and special events. To name a few are Edsa Shanri-la Hotel, Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Sofitel, Manila Hotel, Solaire Hotel, City of Dreams, Tiger Hotel and many others. The brand is 100% Filipino owned.


1.To be able TO PROVIDE THE NATIONAL FOOD OF THE FILIPINOS TO ALL FILIPINOS ALL OVER THE WORLD “Ang pambansang pagkain ng Pilipino ay Lechon (roasted pig). Ipaabot ang pambansang pagkain ng Pilipino sa Lahat ng Pilipino kahit saan ka pa sa mundo.”

2.FIRST WORLD PHILIPPINES – The average income of a farmer for palay production is Php 23,000.00 per year for tilling 1 and ½ hectare of land. We have a program called Pambansang Baboy Program where the Filipino farmers can earn same as the executives in Manila for farming the best breed for lechon with the same size of land.

3.CELEBRATIONS MADE HEALTHY – Is to make our lechon products healthier for our consumers. Our farmers feed their pigs with natural forages without pesticides. Our lechon products that are grown from our farmers produce 30% less cholesterol as compared to commercially grown pigs.

4.SAVE THE PLANET – The biggest contributor to climate change is animal farming (the methane from their manure) as compared to transportation and Industry combined. We teach and assist our farmers to use Biogas to capture the harmful gasses to escape from their manure and convert them to fuel.

We are looking for Nationalistic Filipino self-driven Social Entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to make money and who share our vision to achieve our goal. Filipinos are festive in nature and their celebration is not complete without lechon. In that light our programs are

1.Provincial Master Franchise (PMF) and

2.Exclusive Area Distribution Franchise (EADF).


PAMBANSANG LECHON (ELARZ) provides site, acceptance, training, demographic studies, national marketing support and local marketing support. We conduct continuous studies and research to be able to provide the best tasting lechon to the Filipino people with different flavors like:

1.Original – The orginal recipe of Jose Lontoc and Leonor Rodriguez, the originators of the ELAR brand.

2.Lagablab – Excellently spiced with siling labuyo combined with other spices.

3.Zupremo – A new specialized concoction that sets Pambansang Lechon (elarz) from others.

4.Zebu – Our version of cebu margination.

5.Lechon with paella or sisig fried rice – you can have stuffed lechon with our special rice of your choice.

Our food preparation are standardized from the commissary and food safety policies are in place to ensure costumer of best quality. We also provide

1.EASY ORDER – Online order and Call Center

2.EASY PAYMENT – Online payment

3.EASY ACCESS – Delivery


PAMBANSANG LECHON (ELARZ) is expanding and is now open for interested parties for approval of their site. Interested franchise applicants shall submit a Letter of Intent, Information Sheet and filled up franchise application form request form to:

Address: 20 Speaker Perez Street, Brgy., Lourdes Quezon City

Tel. No. 742-0000, 742-2118, 416-3067 and 412-0739

Email: manriczalamea@gmail.com