Quality Pigs

The only Lechon manufacturer that has a piggery for the production of LECHON since 1941. Even though that the brand has its own substantial size piggery the company buys 80% of its supply from traders from the provinces and realized that the Philippine Native Pig and the traditional pigs raised by backyard farmers quality for lechon is better than the commercial breeds.
The Zalamea family (4rth generation) realized that the way the backyard farmers raise their pigs have no study that is why the Philippine native pig is a chopsuey (halo halo breed).
The Philippine Native pig is either black or black with a white belly. Varieties include Ilocos and Jalajala. The Berkjala, Diani, Kaman, Koronadel and Libtong breeds were all developed from this breed. It is now thought to be extinct.

Professor Liwayway H. Acero, Philippines
Mason, I.L. 1996. A World Dictionary of Livestock Breeds, Types and Varieties. Fourth Edition. C.A.B International. 273 pp.
We also realized that a lot traders take advantage of the farmers and buy their pigs at a low price and sell it to us at a high price so we decided to make a program to be able to address these issues.
Pambansang Baboy Inc. is a Social Enterprise that is committed to its cause “Alleviate Poverty” by making a contract breeding and growing program to make a livelihood program for farmers in producing the BEST BREED for lechon and called Pambansang Breeds. Now that the Government and some private groups finally realized the value of the pigs that are grown locally and thus making studies on the development of the Native Pigs. Please watch the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=so0krudR_zk
Another issue that the company want to address is Climate Change. Animal farming is the biggest contributor for climate change by the methane animals release from their manure. To address this issue the inclusion of a Biogas Digester is the solution. The second advantage is if the methane is contained it can produce free fuel for the farmer.